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1 track  : €60

2 tracks: €110

3 tracks: €160

4 tracks: €210

5 tracks: €260

6 tracks: €300

7 tracks: €340

8 tracks: €380

9 tracks  : €420

10 tracks: €455

11 tracks: €490

12 tracks: €525

13 tracks: €560

14 tracks: €595

15 tracks: €620

Unlimited Revisions, WAV  delivery.

Revised Mix : €30

Should you change your mix post mastering, mastering updates will be billed at this rate.

Alternate Mix: €30

Alternate mixes such as instrumentals, radio edits, vocal up/down versions, clean versions, etc. will be billed at this rate.

Short Tracks: €30

Short tracks such as intros, skits, jingles, or any track up to 1 minute long, will be billed at this rate. Get a Quote!

Mp3 Versions (320 Kb/s): €3 per song

Additional ID3 tagged Mp3 versions with artwork

will be billed at this rate  


DDP Image: €35

DDP Image for CD duplication including + free DDP player ,Electronic Delivery

Stem Mastering: €80 Per track

This may be an option if you are not overly confident with your mix. Stem mastering can give us more control to achieve a better end result, as we can master groups of instruments instead of a stereo audio track, Our stem mastering fee includes a maximum of 6 stems.  

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