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What is a DDP Image?

A DDP image is a type of file format used in the production and manufacturing of CDs. DDP stands for Disc Description Protocol, which is a standardized format for creating and transferring disk images. A DDP image contains all the information required to replicate a finished CD, including the audio data, track order, and other metadata. DDP images are commonly used by mastering engineers and CD replication companies as a way to ensure accurate and error-free transfer of CD data. They are considered a more reliable and efficient alternative to traditional physical masters, such as CD-Rs or tapes.

The following information is required to create a DDP Image for your album:

  • Artist Name

  • Album Name

  • Track Names

  • The order you want each song to feature on CD

  • ISRC code (Get your free ISRC from PPI music


  • Mastered Tracks (44.1Khz 16bit WAV)

You can supply this information by filling out our Mastering Order Form.

Whats included in your delivery.

The specific contents of your DDP image delivery will depend on your order and the specific services you have requested from Swell Audio. However, in general, your DDP image delivery will include a digital image of your finished master, which will contain all the audio data and metadata required for CD replication, including:

  1. Audio files: The individual audio files of each track, in the order specified by you.

  2. Track information: The track order, track titles, and any other metadata you have provided.

  3. ISRC codes: If you have requested ISRC codes, they will be included in the metadata of the DDP image.

  4. PQ codes: These are the timing and spacing information for each track, including start and end times, track gaps, and index markers.

  5. Error checking data: The DDP image will include error detection and correction data, to ensure that the final CD replication is accurate and error-free.

Swell Audio takes great care in ensuring that all DDP images are thoroughly checked and verified before delivery, to ensure that your finished product meets the highest possible standards.

What is a DDP Player?

A DDP image requires specific software to be opened which most people wont have access to. I will supply you with a free DDP player compatible with Windows and Mac.
Use the player to, Audition DDP as a CD, Burn A CD, See all CD-Text Data.

Your DDP will be delivered in a ZIP file. Once its approved,  Simply forward it to your chosen CD Manufacturer for duplication.

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