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Swell Audio is an online mixing, mastering and audio editing service, geared towards helping independent‍‍‍ artists, producers, and content creators achieve the best results in creating professional sounding music and dialogue recordings.We are based in Athlone and have been helping artists and content creators for the past 5 years since our inception back in spring of 2015. Our range of audio services include, Mixing, Mastering, Stem Mastering, CD/DDP Authoring, Audio Editing & Restoration. Our customers are, Bands and independent musicians of all genres, Radio Producers, Videographers, Documentary Creators, to the average joe who has sentimental recordings that just need to be cleaned up or archived to a digital format. If you have a project we might be able to help you with, we would love to hear from you
Audio Mixing
The best sounding master stems from the best sounding mix.We can transform your song to a level you never thought was achievable. To be the best, you need to sound the best. Swell Audio can help you discover the perfect balance  for your music that captures your listeners  attention

Audio Mastering

Our mastering service will prepare your music for the world to consume. We will balance and enhance your music so it holds its own side by side with your favourite artists, and the music industries best. Your mastered audio files can be delivered, distribution ready in any digital format you require

Audio Repair

Yo‍‍‍u think you have captured the perfect recording, but on playback, you notice some unwanted sounds such as, Buzz, hiss, clicks, pops, hum, some air con noise or even the odd door bell going off.   We can help ‍‍clean up and repair these unwanted noises from dialogue or instrument tracks


The Engineer

"I got my start in music as a guitarist in a punk band in my teenage years back the early 2000's. It was through this exerience that i discovered audio engineering and the need for quality sound, so i enrolled myself into audio college as soon as i could. I have since completed 2 college courses in audio engineering, the first being, Live Sound & Stage Production in the Sound Training College, Temple Bar, Dublin, and also, Business with Music & Instrument Technology in Athlone Institute of Technology. Since completing college, i have put in my years of work experience and free labor to gain as much knowledge in audio as possible. My experiences span from Broadcast, Live sound, Corporate AV, Recording, to Mixing, Mastering and Audio Restoration. From this wealth of experience and my passion for original music and the joys of helping to create music, i decided to start my own business, and In the spring of 2015, i founded Swell Audio, a friendly online mixing and mastering service geared towards helping artists create the best soundingmusic possible‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍ .‍‍‍‍‍"

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-Jonathan Callaghan


2020 Rates

Audio Mastering - Starting from €50 per single

Audio Mixing - Starting from €300 (Includes Phase re-alignment, Drum triggering)

Advanced Audio Restoration/Repair - from €7 per audio minute

CD/DDP Authoring service for CD replication - €35 per album

Audio Editing - Contact us for a quote

Equipment List


Pro Tools 10/11
Izotope RX7

Dynaudio BM6MKII, 
Yamaha HS5's

TC electronic Clarity M Loudness Meter

Apogee Rosetta 200 AD/DA Converter
Avid 003
Antelope Trinity Universal High Definition Master Clock

SPL Kultube Stereo buss Compressor (Lundahl I/O Transformers)

SA4000 Stereo Buss Compressor
SPL Qure Stereo tube/LC Eq (Lundahl I/O Transformers


Slate FG-S 'BRIT-4K' EQ/FG-N 'BRIT-N' EQ/Custom Series EQ
Brainworx bx-digital V2
Eiosis Air EQ
Fabfilter Pro-Q
Native Insrtuments Passive EQ
Kush Clariphonic

Slate FG-401/FG-116/VBC/VTM/FGX
Waves C1/ C4 / C6 / L2
Fabfilter Pro C
Fabfilter Pro L
DMG Audio Essence

Customized cabling by Sommer Cable, Van Damme, Neutrik Connectors
Custom 2U XLR Splitter

Tascam US2400 Daw controller (24 fader automation) 
Slate Trigger 2 w/CLA expansion Pack
Softube T-sar1 Reverb
Relab LX480
Marshall JVM410


"Thanks for stopping by to view our website! Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information about our services."

Address I Business Development Centre, Ball Alley Lane, Athlone, Co.Westmeath, Ireland
Phone I +353 87 1629976 Web I https://www.swellaudio.ie Email I info@swellaudio.ie

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